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Ragtime Mike

Photo Gallery

new Bathroom/yard new Bathroom/yard New side fence 149299681 New back fence 149299682 new greenhouse 149299683 149299684 hall wall mural 149299685 new bathroom 149299686 Toto auto flush urinal 149299687 shower, Moen IO system 149299688 Toto Neorest 500 toilet 149299689 Toto sinks 149299690 electric controls auto light dimmer, timers for vent and toe kick heater, and floor warmer. 149299691 mural inside bathroom, looking out. Pocket door is not seen. 149299692 149299693 149299694 149299695 149299696 149299697 149299698 one of two skylights. 149299699

Ain't Misbehavin' performed by Mike Miller

It has a few errors, but I am getting better. November 27, 2013.